Welcome to our school. We are one of the few most prestigious schools in the United Kingdom which offer excellent International Baccalaureate curriculums to our students. We are a very special place to study as can be attested by our students some of whom have gone on to be notable members of the society.

Our school is steeped in history, having a lot of prestige because of its heritage. We have been an integral part of the UK educational system for many years, bringing about policies and innovations which have been adopted by other schools. With over 700 students from the age of 5 to 18, the school is big enough is resoundingly making its mark nationally. Despite our wide acclaim, we yet ensure to present the best inclusive learning environment as well as the proper attention to flourish in their chosen course work.

Apart from day students who live around the community, we have excellent facilities for boarders who come from faraway places including outside the shores of the country. Within the school campus are the 7 boarding facilities where meals are taken within to encourage familiarity, camaraderie, and togetherness.

Excelling in your academics is a major part of what we do and our main focus is to ensure each pupil in our care is giving the right training to excel in his or her capacity. Because we help students get to the best versions of themselves both academically, morally and socially, parents have been trooping to our school with their children for decades. Owing to our prowess in the field of academics, each year, at least 6% of our students are offered admission to Oxford or Cambridge.

We are simply the best out there and have been recognized as one of the best colleges when it comes to physical activities. Yes we mean sports. Our school has been prize winners in different competitions over the years and we have the medals alongside trophies to show it. We excel in sporting activities like soccer, rugby, cricket including track and field events. We are also quite artsy and believe a child's education is not complete without discovering his or her artistic talent.

We know a strong academic qualification is important but in today's modern world, having an artistic talent is a recipe for stardom. This is why we also hone our students’ talents to bring out the next big star. We have experienced teachers in the Music and Art departments who are skilled in grooming your children to be the next Mozart and Shakespeare. We are proud to have fostered marketing geniuses such as Nathan Green at the online casino Play Ojo who is the man behind their famous mascot the "Ojo Lama" that have been seen all over the UK in their huge marketing campaign.

We conduct Drama Days where parents, the governing council, and other notable personalities are invited as guests. We train our students to take on different personas in a bid to hone their skills. We make them read various casino recensies in different tones and emotions. One perfect example is to make them read out the PotsofLuck review in an Irish accent. Not many of our students pull it off, but many are improving. Our students take the center stage and so far they have always done us proud.

We have a strict policy against bullying which we do not tolerate in our school. We believe in the equality of every child in our care while we teach them to be kind and considerate to others. You simply cannot go wrong when you enroll your child with us and we urge you to contact us today.