Quite a huge number of boarding schools put students through academic routines that prepare them for life in college. That is why you hear words like "prep" or "prep work" which are mostly seen in many school prospectuses.

Majority of the boarding schools in the United Kingdom are coeducational. But there are many other types of schools specialised in teaching the single sex. They could be strictly boys or girls. On the other side of the spectrum are the alternative or therapy schools which serve certain societal needs such as making sure children are more emotionally balanced or well behaved.

An there are others who offer training for special needs children such as autism, and A DVD. Theses schools usually come equipped with experienced staffs who ensure your child is able to maximize their potential. Below are different facts about boarding schools and what you should expect as a parent or a guardian.

Quite a few schools are strictly residential

There are schools which are for boarding and day students. But an authentic boarding house is a hundred percent residential. All the students must be in the school campus. If a school is located in the heart of a city, or its in an industrial area, there is a likelihood majority of their students will be day students. On an intrinsic level, there is no problem with such a school but it does alter the experience of a student's school life.

Schools have the Choice of Curricula

Whatever the choice of Curricula, you must be able to competently handle the programs. There are mainly two types of curricula: the National Curriculum and the International baccalaureate program. Both are quite good, but specific progressive schools favour the latter over the former. The more traditional schools favour a National Curriculum which is more tutor-based than an IB program which focuses on the students competencies to adapting to college work.

The Staff are often quite qualified and experienced

Majority of boarding schools have very experienced staff who are at the forefront of the Educational Industry. There are usually quite a lot of teachers with more than a Bachelors degree and this is because of the demand for extremely high quality teachers. The standard of education has become very high consequently, schools have subsequently being extremely competitive against each other resulting in the need for teachers in the deep end of the skill pool.

Majority of Boarding Houses have excellent sports training facilities

Many schools take sporting activities quite seriously. Sports is seen as an intimate part of the school program and a lot of boarding schools are quite proficient in one or the other. Participating in sport is not an elective. It is a program which every student is enjoined to participate in. Saturdays are usually active sports days where students have the option of playing soccer, cricket, rugby or whatever sport catches their fancy. Participation is at various levels with collegiate sports quite renowned. Students who are exceptionally talented are given Scholarships which can carry them straight through their tertiary education. A few schools offer activities on horseback. But these schools are generally far more expensive to enroll because of the huge expenses involved in running an equestrian sport.


A unique feature of boarding houses are the togetherness which are found amongst students. This is because the students live together they get to share a lot of their lives working in harmony with each other. Whatever school you decide to for your child, make sure it meets expectations.