We are very much aware that learning does not always have to happen in the classroom. We do our best to make sure our students get all the required tutoring within the school environment but there are certain things which cannot be taught without the benefit of an out of school experience.

This is why every year, our students have a new place of interest to visit. We make sure by the time the students are in sixth form, they have visited some of the most historical places in the UK and Europe. We arrange for these trips from the beginning of the session when students are given the consent forms for their parents and guardians to sign.

Once this is done, we schedule the trip for a time when academic activities are over and then we go on our educational tour. Over the years we have visited countries like France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Our students have benefited from learning about the history of the rich United Kingdom and the story behind its formation, as well as the reason for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. We enjoin parents to always sign the consent forms so their wards can always get the best experience throughout their stay in our school.


This is a social event organized by the school to foster friendship and camaraderie. Our picnics are done within the UK and around the many picturesque villages dotting the school. Our picnics also include fun and games, with the students properly chaperoned. We have gone to places like Cornwall or Hurst Green to take in the beautiful scenery while our students are given a thorough lecture on the importance of nature. These are some of the ways we make life interesting and enjoyable for the students.