The main aim of our establishment is to provide excellent education to the students who have been privileged to be granted admission to the school. The Headmaster and the governing board are dedicated to providing the best intellectual development to our students with the most innovative facilities available. However the provision of this excellence comes at a price. We are not publicly funded and as such, have to generate our income ourselves. This is why our students are typically mandated to pay fees for the Educational services they receive from us.

Nevertheless, we do have some scholarships, grants, and bursaries which are created to increase the chances of less privileged but intelligent and talented children to take part in the great learning program we have on offer. We have various types of scholarships including scholarship programs where students are given a hundred percent allowance on their fees. Exams are conducted every year to select fifty students who will be privileged to receive this scholarship. Of the 2000 students who have received this scholarship over the years, 70% have gone on to attend Ivy league colleges around the world.

We also have scholarships that focus on the talents of our students such as Music and Sports. Students with musical potential are given the opportunity to enroll in our school. We have 15 admission slots exclusively for students who show remarkable musical promise. We give them the right tools to blossom their talent.

It is of immense pride to us that today, about 22% of our students with musical talent play for one Philharmonic Orchestra or the other internationally prestigious musical concerts. Our sports scholarships are one of the best in the country. The dominance we have enjoyed over the years in sports competitions has been as a result of our comprehensive sports scholarship. To find out more scholarship options, please contact us here.