Our school is renowned for its physical activities. We have won trophies and medals due to the extra-competitive nature of the students in our school. At this school, we put sports as a priority alongside academics. We make sure each child of all age and skill is exposed to sports. There are many disciplines which we believe your child can excel in.

We have the experienced trainers who can put them through the required training to make sure they excel not just for us, but preparing them for their future life in professional sports and athletics. During their first years, students are given the chance to take part in a huge variety of sporting activities in other to evaluate their strong areas. Some of the sports they will take part in are activities they are familiar with while other will be strange to them.

Not to worry, they will get the hang of it soon enough. There are also miscellaneous sports which are selected by the student to help with their course work. At this school, we play sports in accordance to the time of the year. Football and rugby are usually played in the summer while ice hockey in the winter.

We have indoor games such as lacrosse, basketball, and handball which is a delight for our girls. Other notable sporting activity includes archery and swimming. We have three indoor swimming pools which includes an Olympic sized pool. Our younger students are given basic swimming lessons from the age of 5 and by age 18, are already semi-professional swimmers.

Due to the different skills of our students, the exceptionally gifted ones will be more occupied than others in this field. We enjoin you to give us your support so we can bring out the best in your child.